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VoIP-Pal Provides Updates of Patent-Pending Applications

December 27, 2012

By Jayashree Adkoli, TMCnet Contributor Inc., a broadband VoIP telecom company offering local and long distance VoIP services to residential and business customers, has announced the status of its Patent Pending Applications for Lawful Intercept, U.S. Patent Publication No. 20100150138 and Routing, Billing and Rating (RBR), U.S. Patent Publication No. 20100150328. Both patents have now been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

According to VoIP-Pal, its Lawful Intercept and RBR Patent Applications are part of the company’s agreement to acquire Digifonica, a private company registered in Gibraltar. These patent-pending technologies are comparable to those patents used by Verizon that were the cause of the Verizon/Vonage (News - Alert) litigations. In an effort to avoid such infringements, VoIP-Pal decided to file the patents.

Digifonica's Lawful Intercept Patent Application is called "Intercepting Voice Over IP Communications and other Data Transmissions" and was filed on November 29, 2007, while Digifonica's RBR Patent Application is called "Producing Routing Messages for Voice Over IP Communications" and was filed on November 1, 2007.

Both patent applications have now been examined by USPTO. Accordingly, the company has responded with the appropriate amendments and arguments, and both the Patent Applications have been amended and submitted to the USPTO.

The Lawful Intercept Patent Application is a revolutionary technology developed to address the national and international demands by governments to enable law agencies with the ability to perform scheduled and live intercepts (wire-taps) on digital voice telephone conversations.

Unveiling the most efficient way of intercepting VoIP, the VoIP-Pal/ Digifonica's Lawful Intercept Patent Application will get key attention as more and more countries are beginning to require telecom companies to have Lawful Intercept capabilities.

VoIP-Pal/Digifonica's unified RBR Patenet Application is a RBR solution comprises of a number of proprietary elements, including advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable VoIP-Pal to provide the clients with the ability to perform subscriber management from their own existing subscriber management and billing platforms.

Both the patents, after granted, will enable VoIP-Pal to setup and deploy digital voice solutions virtually anywhere in the world in a matter of days, without fear of infringing on mainstream VoIP patents.

As an enabler of international calls using VoIP technology on the Internet, smartphones and PC Tablets, VoIP-Pal has an objective to provide high-speed and cost-effective telephone solution for the casual and business international travelers who depend lot on their smartphones, laptops or tablets for communication.

In recent news, VoIP-Pal  announced the final stage of its beta version of account management software that can be provided directly on its smartphone platforms.

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