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Top Five Reasons Customers Turn to Business VoIP Providers

January 15, 2013

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCnet Contributor

There’s reason for today’s business VoIP providers to smile. Recent reports suggest there is steady growth for the VoIP industry as customers love the service mainly because it saves money.  

According to, customers love VoIP service for many reasons. The website identified the top five reasons why customers love VoIP.

One of the top reasons that VoIP users find the service so attractive is that VoIP is easier to set up and, most importantly, low-cost. VoIP providers offer the service with no hidden installation fees and often, users need to simply plug-in a phone into a jack to install the service.

The second benefit of VoIP is that it can offer unlimited long distance VoIP calls. Many VoIP providers offer free and unlimited nationwide calling in the U.S, and sometimes Canada too. There are no interstate and intrastate fees as seen in traditional phone services. 

Third, VoIP is known for its ability to offer cheap international VoIP calls. It’s a costly endeavor for a traditional phone user to make international calls as most providers charge expensive per minute rates. Some traditional phone providers implement calling rates as high as $3.00 or more per minute. As VoIP providers use the Internet and bypass traditional phone lines, the cost associated with the service is very low. Some of the home or business VoIP providers may charge as little as $0.01/minute.

Both residential and business VoIP providers may include VoIP video chat service as part of their VoIP offering. The service provides customers with an affordable way to communicate “face-to-face” on a virtual platform. It is especially beneficial to companies that want to conduct virtual meetings with remote employees, and is equally beneficial to individuals who wish to keep in touch with friends and family overseas.

Last but not the least, VoIP is highly scalable. If users want to upgrade the service or add extensions, they can do it without depending on technicians. There are no huge hardware/ support costs associated with VoIP upgrades or extensions. Users pay only for the minutes they are using.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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