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beroNet and 3CX Forge Partnership

January 24, 2014

By Lavanya Rathnam, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Partnerships are the norm in today's business world, as they allow businesses to come together and offer a superior technological solution for their mutual customers. Since different companies often specialize in different areas, it is sensible to combine related technologies to ensure that the customers have a better overall experience when using integrated systems. The latest partnership that is sure to offer such added value to VoIP users is the one between beroNet and 3CX phone systems.

beroNet is a Germany-based company known for its products in the communication and connectivity industry. It specializes in providing cross platform solutions for VoIP and ISDN systems around the world. It has also created the first cloud management system for VoIP gateways. 3CX phone systems, meanwhile, is a London-based company offering a unified communications platform for Windows. It is an alternative to proprietary PBX (News - Alert) systems and SIP phones and looks to offer substantial cost saving to consumers.

The coming together of both these companies means that customers can move away from proprietary PBX systems without giving up on their existing phone lines. Moreover, it provides advanced integration and interoperability to provide gateways that are automatically configured. Indeed, the entire system is designed to be more interoperable across a host of different underlying systems. All the firmware included in beroNet's products will be tested on the 3CX system to prevent the possibility of glitches in the combined system.

The partnership looks to be a win-win situation for all parties concerned. For customers, they will enjoy enhanced communication service at a lower rate due to the integration of both systems, while the companies will see a combined customer base, which will gives them leverage to jointly reach out to more customers around the world. 

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