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  • VoIP Market Looks Bright for the New Year
    By now it should come as no surprise-particularly to business VoIP providers-that VoIP adoption rates are rising around the world. The demand for cheap and effective communication on an international scale is growing. Communication borders are shrinking, as is the business world, and IP-based networks are increasingly stepping in to provide better wireless and wired network infrastructures. While traditional phone lines offer only limited, and typically expensive, services to businesses, VoIP services can accommodate mobile and international workforces with ease-and for less of a financial investment.
  • Videoconferencing Market in Flux as Cloud Options Gain Steam
    Increasingly, businesses of all sizes are embracing video as part of their corporate communications framework, and not just in the executive boardroom. Gone are the days of large-scale, proprietary hardware that required its own dedicated line and room-IP and the cloud have made it possible to extend videoconferencing to more types of workers within the enterprise, often bundled with business VoIP and/or unified communications offerings.
  • VoIP Security Refresher: What Your Business Needs to Know Before 2015
    As VoIP has become a household - and even business - name, there are fewer businesses that have yet to realize why moving towards an IP-based communications system is beneficial. Having evolved with the Internet since its inception, business VoIP providers have done a good job at making it better and more efficient for their subscriber base. Despite all the good stuff that comes with VoIP, many businesses and organizations are still not on board with VoIP adoption, perhaps because there are still a few misunderstandings about VoIP, particularly with security.
  • Survey: One-fifth of Workers Steal from Employers
    Ethics appear to be eroding: one-fifth of American tech employees in a recent survey admit that they have stolen an object from their workplace or employer-for men, these things are often valued in the hundreds of dollars.
  • Careful Research Required in Selecting the Right CRM Solution
    Customer relationship management (CRM) is huge, and not just in spending and market size. Although the market is pretty substantial, with Garner estimating spending on CRM solutions will hit $36.5 billion by 2017. The scope of CRM itself is huge, encompassing a broad range of customer service tools that seems to be growing by the minute. And while businesses, and especially enterprises, are spending money on products and services, they need to better understand these tools to harness their full potential.
  • How Hosted VoIP Fared in 2014 and What Lies Ahead
    As we approach the closing of another year, the market trends are showing what has worked, what needs improvement, and what can be expected looking forward. The hosted VoIP market in particular demonstrated some growth opportunities for service providers, and we can thank cloud-based delivery models for that.
  • New Patents May Improve the Business VoIP Provider Experience
    VoIP has radically changed the way businesses communicate today. VoIP connections allow businesses to conduct voice calls over all over the world while avoiding the costly long-distance and international fees associated with traditional landlines. But VoIP doesn't simply replace wirelines as a way to make phone calls-VoIP allows for mobile communication from a wide range of wireless devices, and comes with a host of additional features such as voice and video conference calls.
  • Viber's Latest Update Makes It a Contender Against Skype
    As mobile phone usage starts to take the place of its landline counterpart, consumers are in search of inexpensive ways to communicate with friends and relatives across the globe. With VoIP being the global phenomenon that it is, text messaging and long-distance calls have seen a decrease over mobile networks as free VoIP services are more easily available.
  • As Mobility Looms, MDM May Need to be a Priority
    Has mobility hit your workforce? Even if yours is not a mobile environment, chances are your employees are bringing their own devices to the office and using them to access work email, shared documents and other applications while outside of your network. When this happens, you could be at risk if you don't have the right policies in place to govern use.
  • Are You a Small Business? Ditch the Landline, Go Wireless
    Small businesses, independent contractors, and other smaller organizations don't have to invest a lot of money into their communications infrastructure to seem like one of the big guys. In fact, with all of the mobile options available today, it's almost silly to even bother going with a landline, as it allows the more financially-conscious small business to spend their dollars on only one solution. The best solution? Wireless.
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Signing up with a business VoIP provider is a big deal. No matter the size and age of your business, change can be scary. But it can also be good. VoIP business services tend to have a larger setup cost, and much lower ongoing costs than their circuit-switched counterparts. Every VoIP provider has a different list of feature sets and prices. Here is a list of ten questions you can ask a potential provider. Be honest with them, and be honest with yourself. Be sure you have the best information before making such a big decision