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  • Egyptians Take to Social Media Following Loss of VoIP
    The buzz around Twitter and Facebook the past few days has primarily regarded the standoff between the National Telecommunications Regulation Authority (NTRA) in Egypt, local telecoms, and citizens who recently found their mobile VoIP services suddenly turned off.
  • Why You Still Need a Landline
    It is tempting to assume that everyone is using cell phones these days as their one and only phone. While almost everyone certainly has a cell phone in 2015, probably a smartphone, the reality is that many still also pay for a landline.
  • What to Consider When Switching to VoIP
    In this modern Internet era, it's hard to believe there are still businesses relying on landlines to service their communications needs.
  • Mozilla Adds Instant Messaging to Firefox 41.0
    Mozilla has added instant messaging to its Firefox browser, according to PC World. The functionality is part of Firefox Hello, a VoIP client built into the latest version of Firefox version 41.0

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