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Moimstone Partners with NEC on New Android VoIP Handset

January 31, 2014

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

Business VoIP only seems to be getting more popular as we move into the 21st century. One company after another is coming back with financial reports that seem to be good news for the market as a whole. Moimstone is attempting to take advantage of the positive trend with the signing of a distribution agreement with NEC (News - Alert) for a new Android-based business VoIP handset.

The deal will see Moimstone develop a new product for NEC, and the Android device looks to be on the market by late fall of this year.

"NEC is extremely pleased with our new relationship with Moimstone, which is known for its best-in-class voice over IP ("VoIP") technology," said Ram Menghani, vice president of unified communications products and services at NEC Corporation of America in a recent statement.

There are very few details surfacing about what kind of features this kind of business VoIP phone would offer beyond the usual. It does appear that one such feature will be an app store that will be run in partnership by the two companies. This app store will reportedly be geared towards allowing end users to purchase and download software updates. New features for the device will also be downloadable through this app store.

The move is just the latest to help make business VoIP phones that much more popular in the coming year. If there is one thing that can hold back the market, it could be the continued worries that surround the technology’s security. The more people who use VoIP in their day-to-day lives, the more threats that are likely to surface.

One of the biggest differences between business VoIP and old time business phone systems is that the older versions were never really at risk of being hacked. VoIP systems can be hacked and that is enough to scare some people away from the tech. Those people are certainly missing out, as a myriad of robust security measures have been put into place to prevent such intrusions, and if Moimstone and NEC have their way, they’ll be missing out on quite a bit more.

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